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Album Description

“Under Acid Hoof” is the band’s second full-length album. The album was recorded in 2019, mixed and mastered by Dionysis Dimitrakos of Descent Studios, who also worked with the band for their debut album back in 2017. Drums were recorded in Dope of Sound Studios in Athens.

The album is a direct continuation of the band’s self-titled, debut full-length album, but darker, heavier, and fuzzier. Five Tracks of Doom, each one offering something unique to the Opus. It just gets heavier and heavier as you dwell deeper into the album.

The father & son duo on guitars offer to the listener a horde of Iommi-style riffs with fuzzy melodies accompanied by doomy riffing, which is supported by wicked bass lines and heavy drumming. The clean mellow vocals add to the mix, and the occasional talk of witchcraft and mammoths can lead to a sublime, heavy experience.
The artwork is made by Branca Studio, whoelse could get the spirit of this album and put it on a cover?
You have to dig this album loud if you are a fan of Electric Wizard, Monolord, Sleep.


New Artists


Instrumental Psych Rockers OTAKUSUITE Reval Album Details 

+ Premiere First And Funky Single!

Debut Album coming in March 2020 via Argonauta Records!


Italian instrumental psych rock unit, Otakusuite, have announced the release of their first, full-length album, Eggs, for March 6th on Argonauta Records! The trio hailing from Pisa, who was previously known under the name of The Questionmarks until 2017 and who shared the stages with acts alike Ecstatic Vision among many more, creates an exciting and intelligent fusion of stoner elements, jazz rock to psychedelia and progressive sounds. Following Otakusuite's highly acclaimed EP La Danza del Sole, the band recorded their upcoming debut album in 2018 already, but it has been kept on hold until they signed a deal with renowned powerhouse label Argonauta Records. Finally, we get to hear a first track out of Eggs, listen to the album opening song, the uber-funky juggernaut Chicken Caravan Deluxe, HERE!


Album Tracklist:

1. Chicken Caravan Deluxe

2. Manannan Mac Lir

3. Y.E.S. ( Your Endless Serendipity )

4. Killer Monk

5. Country Cousins Meet the Wolf

6. The Curse of the bready bready Flute

7. Insert Coin

Eggs will be coming out on March 6th, watch out for many more news, tunes and a pre-sale to start soon!

Otakusuite is:

Marcos Rovini –  Guitar

Elia Petrosino –  Drums

Dario Donati a.k.a. Il Lupo – Bass

For More Info Visit: 

PR Contact:

Mona Miluski



ARTIST FEATURE - Big Scenic Nowhere





Spin of the Day / Siena Root ‎– A Dream Of Lasting Peace

 Siena Root came to life in Stockholm in the late 90’s and is today considered one of the pioneering Swedish bands in old school rock music. They persistently pulled through with releasing their first album on vinyl back in 2004, long before the retro trend had people carrying down their old turntables from the attic. The quest to bring out the beauty of analogue music production to the listeners continued., Facebook 


CFFM Album of the Week /The Dry Mouths - Lo​-​Fi Sounds For Hi​-​Fi People

 Power trio based on Almería Desert City, Spain.
Sun, wind, sea and flow...     Facebook 


Doom metal icon Scott "Wino" Weinrich joins the Ripple Music roster ; new 'Blood and Strings: The Ripple Acoustic' series launching in 2020


Ripple Music are honored and thrilled to announce the   signing of doom metal icon Scott “Wino” Weinrich.  Wino’s   new solo album will launch Ripple’s new "Blood and Strings  series, in which some of the most admired names in riff-rock and   metal unplug to record albums of acoustic heaviness. Ripple Music           will release Wino’s new Frank Marchand-recorded solo album ‘Forever           Gone’ in early 2020.

WINO          declares:          "Hello friends, fans, freaks! It is with great excitement that I           announce to the rock and roll world that I have signed on to the           Ripple family and that Ripple will be releasing my next solo/acoustic           recording 'Forever Gone' in early 2020. I think this is the perfect           vessel to bring this music to your ears! Thanks all at Ripple Music           and thanks to all who believe!" Ripple Music           will soon unveil more details regarding this new solo album as well           as their upcoming "Blood and Strings: The Ripple Acoustic”           12" vinyl series.

         Scott “Wino” Weinrich is widely as known as the iconic frontman of           cornerstone doom metal founders SAINT VITUS and THE OBSESSED —           both founded in the late 70s and revered for inspiring hundreds of           bands in their sovereign wake — as well as SPIRIT CARAVAN,           THE HIDDEN HAND          and SHRINEBUILDER.           Through his prolific and passion-driven 40-year career, whether he           was laying the foundations of modern doom or successfully sailing           across stirring folk rock lands, Wino has remained an unwavering           force of the underground scene. Wino formed his first band The           Obsessed in 1980, starting the reign of “heavy and slow” decades           before doom grew into a flourishing worldwide genre unto itself. A           few years later, he moved to California to join Saint Vitus, with           whom he released the seminal ‘Born Too Late’ (1986), one of the most           powerful statements in doom’s early history, with Wino’s raspy,           heartfelt and punk-charged vocals booming loudly above the crowd of           howling, gimmicky Ozzy copycats.

         Following a reformation of The Obsessed and a brief major-label           flirtation in the early 90s which included a a piledriving update of           Black Sabbath's "The Wizard" alongside Geezer Butler, Bill           Ward and Rob Halford, Wino formed yet another influential outfit,           Spirit Caravan. The new band fused his trademark sludgy churn with an           increased soulfulness, beginning to lay the groundwork for his eventual           exploration of acoustic and expansive songwriting. During this time,           Dave Grohl also invited Wino to join his all-star Probot project           alongside Lemmy Kilmister, King Diamond, Max Cavalera and other           notables. Numerous world tours with his various bands later, the           creative source remained inexhaustible as Wino embarked on a new           direction with the release of his solo debut, ‘Punctuated           Equilibrium.’ Quickly followed by second solo LP ‘Adrift’ in 2010 and           a series of collaborations with German folk songwriter Conny Ochs,           Wino embarked on extensive European and North American tours as a           solo act, continuing to maintain his thriving solo output even with           the arrival of a much-heralded and welcome re-constitution of The           Obsessed for the third time in 2017.

         Today, WINO          is respected the world over as the godfather of doom and one of the           heavy music underground’s most revered lifers. Worldwide festivals           like Roadburn, Hellfest, Psycho Las Vegas, Desertfest, Maryland           Deathfest, Rock Hard Fest, Monolith On The Mesa and countless others           keep inviting Wino back through his various sonic incarnations year           after year.

         "The career of           Wino is a rich and fabled one, and his tentacles of influence weave           throughout the arenas of rock, punk and metal." –           Alternative Press

         "Wino, what a           fucking guitar player, and one of my favorite singers. Nothing to           prove, just soul-felt vocals." – Phil Anselmo (Down,           Pantera)

         "Wino's music           has always been so serious, that's the only thing he knows, and he's           gonna do it whether or not he makes a million dollars or ten bucks…           he means it." – Pepper Keenan (Corrosion Of           Conformity


Website | FacebookBandcampWebstore


Parasol Caravan - Nemesis

 Ready for take-off? Buckle up and hold on tight when the “fuzztronauts” of PARASOL CARAVAN start their spaceship and speed across the stage with the riff force of a supernova. The Linz-based band counts on calm psychedelic moments merged with heavy fuzz and driving guitar riffs, a fusion epitomizing the right amount of progressiveness and beaming the listener directly into orbit.


Stoner Rock Doom Lords Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats Have Announced An Australian Tour


Stoner doom lords Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats have revealed they’ll be returning to Australia next year throughout February and March, taking in headline dates in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

They’ll also be making an appearance at Farmer & The Owl Festival in Wollongong, alongside the likes of Hot Chip, Sleaford Mods and Drab Majesty.

Uncle Acid, the brainchild of singer and guitarist Kevin Starrs, have released five albums of psych-tinged, riff-heavy metal since their formation back in 2009.


Their most recent was last year’s Wasteland. A concept record about a society in which people live in walled cities under heavy surveillance, the album strays from the usual Black Sabbath idolatry the genre can be plagued by.

Instead, the band took significant influence from ’70s power pop and, as Starr commented around the time of release, “tied it to the back of a van and will now parade it along Main Street. I’m sure people will be delighted that we’re back in town.”

Written by Alex Gallagher on October 21, 2019. 


Friday, 28th February
The Brightside, Brisbane
Tickets: Eventbrite

Saturday, 29th February
Farmer and the Owl, Wollongong
Tickets: Moshtix

Sunday, 1st March
Factory Theatre, Sydney
Tickets: SeatAdvisor

Tuesday, 3rd March
Max Watts, Melbourne
Tickets: Oztix

Wednesday, 4th March
The Gov, Adelaide
Tickets: Oztix




Stoner rock icons Queens Of The Stone Age have some incredible news for vinyl collectors who have wanted their discography for their collection.

The band are planning to reissue four of their albums on vinyl just in time for the holidays.



QOTSA announced today they will be reissuing Rated RSongs For The DeafLullabies to Paralyze and Era Vulgaris.

The first two will be available starting November 22 and can be pre-ordered here and here. The latter two are coming a little later on December 20 with pre-orders available here and here.









Big Scenic Nowhere releasing ‘Vision Beyond Horizon’ LP Read More: Big Scenic Nowhere releasing ‘Vision Beyond Horizon’ LP .


Big Scenic Nowhere, the new collaborative project of desert rock vets Gary Arce (Yawning Man) and Bob Balch (Fu Manchu), recently released a two-song, 25+ minute EP, and now they’re set to put out their full-length debut album, Vision Beyond Horizon, on January 31 via Heavy Psych Sounds (pre-order). Like on the EP, Gary and Bob are the core, but they brought in a handful of collaborators, including Nick Oliveri (Mondo Generator, ex-Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age), Tony Reed (Mos Generator), Lisa Alley and Ian Graham (both of The Well), Mario Lalli (Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man), Bill Stinson (Yawning Man), Per Wiberg (Spiritual Beggars, ex-Opeth), and Alain Johannes (who has worked with Queens of the Stone Age, Mark Lanegan, PJ Harvey, and several others).

We’re premiering lead single “The Glim,” an instantly satisfying dose of riffy desert rock that fans of any of the members’ more famous bands should have no trouble getting into. Alain Johannes takes lead vocals on this one, and he says, “Total honor and pleasure to get on a sonic ghost ship with Bob, Gary, Mario and Bill on this track. Love these dudes and had a blast collaborating on ‘The Glim.'” Bob Balch adds:

“The Glim” is a result of Gary Arce and myself jamming in DAD’GAD. The first riff was an idea Gary had and then like three hours later while jamming, Gary played the chorus! I went home and put the pieces together and added a bridge part. Tony Reed on mellotron, Mario Lalli on bass and Bill Stinson on drums filled it out. Alain Johannes absolutely killed it on this one. He played all the leads too. This was the first track I recorded all of my guitars at my house. All Reverend guitars on my rhythm tracks. My signature on the left and a Pete Anderson hollow-body on the right. Signature ROLA head too. Killer tones all around! This tune has sort of a Soundgarden meets Bowie vibe to me. Hope y’all dig it!

Read More: Big Scenic Nowhere releasing ‘Vision Beyond Horizon’ LP (stream “The Glim”) | 


Domadora - Live Sessions



Friends, our last gig into volcano in France (August 2019)  The Band present to you a five parts video series about this incredible place to play live. here part 2/5   


Email below from Bob Balch of BSN and Fu Manchu along with this great 20min Video Jam. Check it out our YouTube channel .

  Here is a email sent to us From Bob Balch and a great Jam video from Big Scenic Nowhere. From: bob balch Sent: 28 September 2019 18:14 Subject: Bob from FU MANCHU here with a new project (QOTSA, YAWNING MAN, etc). Dig your channel. I teach guitar and people always request jams from your channel. Helps me learn that stuff for others. Thanks! Anyway, I have a new project named BIG SCENIC NOWHERE. Attached is a 20 min jam with Gary Arce, Myself, Nick Oliveri, and Bill Stinson. If you could be so kind can you post this video? And if you could be even kinder, can you post this link to buy the vinyl and CDs. If you want any vinyl or CDs let me know and I'll send it over. Check out this roster of musicians on the record... Bob Balch (FU MANCHU, SUN AND SAIL CLUB) guitars Gary Arce (YAWNING MAN, TEN EAST) guitars Tony Reed (MOS GENERATOR) vocals, synth Nick Oliveri (QUEENS OF THE STOEN AGE, KYUSS, DWARVES) bass Mario Lalli (YAWNING MAN, FATSO JETSON) bass Bill Stinson (YAWNING MAN) drums Per Wiberg (SPIRITUAL BEGGERS, CANDLEMASS, OPETH) synth Thomas V. Jäger (MONOLORD) vocals Ian Graham (THE WELL) vocals Lisa Alley (THE WELL) vocals Thanks so much! We really appreciate it if you can make it happen! Here's the link

1-3 MAY 2020 LONDON.



Brant Bjork - DESERTFEST 2020

  Brant Bjork (born March 19, 1973) hails from Palm Desert, CA, where he began gigging at the age of 13. By high school Brant had begun Kyuss with locals Josh Homme, Chris Cockrell (later Nick Oliveri) and John Garcia. In 1993, Brant left Kyuss and moved to Humboldt to flip pizzas and play soccer. Too much rain moved him back to his natural habitat where he started an independent record label, El Camino Records (3) which become Duna Records (now defunct) and Low Desert Punk Records; played drums in hardcore punk band De-Con; and played guitar with desert legend Mario Lalli in Fatso Jetson. In 1996, Bjork hooked up again with Homme, to begin The Desert Sessions saga and work on what became Queens Of The Stone Age. However, Brant decided to take the road less traveled and rock with his surf buddies Fu Manchu, an adventure which took him into the studio for five records and around the world in four years. After few solo albums in the 00's he joined a resurrected version of Kyuss under the new monicker Kyuss Lives! (without Josh Homme). Kyuss Lives! then changed name in Vista Chino and released an album before going to hiatus. In 2014 Brant formed a new band Brant Bjork And The Low Desert Punk Band. In 2016 he released a new album, Tao Of The Devil under his name only. In 2018 Mankind Woman was released on Italian label Heavy Psych Sounds that also started to re-release part of his solo output. A new album, Jacoozzi is expected in April 2019. 



Orange Goblin - DESERTFEST 2020

 British heavy metal/stoner rock band founded in 1995 in London. 


Orange Goblin was originally formed in 1995 under the name Our Haunted Kingdom before changing their name to Orange Goblin.

Their first five releases were issued by Rise Above Records. O'Malley left the band in 2004 to pursue a career as an artist and was not replaced.

 Official website   Facebook  


Masters of Reality - DESERTFEST 2020

Taking their name from Black Sabbath's third album, Masters of Reality is a hard rock group formed in Syracuse, New York in 1981 by guitarist/singer Chris Goss and guitarist Tim Harrington (2). The band is sometimes associated with the "Palm Desert Scene", which includes Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, and other stoner/desert rock bands. The band's lineup tends to be fluid with the exception of leader Goss.

Vinyl corner/ New and Pre-orders

Wild Fuzz Trip - Surreal Surroundings


 Wild Fuzz Trip is the music of the PedalTvChannel crew with the Icelandic artist Bjarki Omarsson on drums, hope you like it ! 


Full Tone Generator - Never To Return (Live Album)


The new live album from Full Tone Generator on black vinyl, recorded live at Singing Bird Studio Frankston with one track recorded live at Cherry Bar, a cover of the classic Kyuss tune "Gardenia" featuring Nick Oliveri (Kyuss / QOTSA) on bass. 

Surf News




Recently on social media, we ran something called the “Resin Roundup”, a March Madness-inspired bracket of 8 surfboards featuring artisanal resin work by some of the world’s best glassers. SURFER’s Instagram followers voted for the board they liked most in rounds and heats until only one beautifully glassed stick was left standing: a Chemistry Surfboards model shaped by Jason Bennett, adorned with the unique resin art of a young talent named Micah Beutz.

Beutz, a 26-year-old from Oceanside, California is a perfect example of an uber-talented shaper/artist creating eye-popping rest tints. We caught up with Beutz to find out what got him into the industry in the first place, how he learned such a niche craft and what inspires him to come back to work in a factory of foam dust and fumes day after day.

Starting in the beginning, what drew you to the surfboard building business in the first place?

In high school I was looking for a job and my buddy got me one at Christenson [surfboards]. I started by packing boards for him, and then started helping with quality control and just overseeing the whole process. From there I got a job in Oceanside at a place called OSI, glassing for Takayama, Hobie, Xanadu and a couple other brands. After that I kinda jumped around to different glass shops doing a lot of different things and learning about resin tints. When Jason Bennett [from Chemistry surfboards] was looking for a ghost shaper, someone recommended me to him, and I said “hell yeah” when he called [laughs]. That was three and half years ago and I’m still here today. Shaping and doing resin art.

What side of the craft do you enjoy most: Shaping or doing the resin?

That’s tough. Probably the resin art, to be honest.

How long does it take you to do a resin job, start to finish?
I can flip a color glass job in a of couple hours. Glassers put a lot of time and effort into making a glass job the way we like to see it. We take pride in quality work, which can sometimes go unseen.

How did you learn to do that? Your work is really impressive.

Thanks! Yeah I learned from so many talented people. At the different shops I worked at I just picked up a little bit at a time watching how these guys were working with different colors. These days, everything inspires me. Everywhere I go I’m always looking at color combinations and paying attention to what looks good and how it makes me feel. I try to relate that to a customer. It’s always different: I never want to keep doing the same things so I’m always trying to learn more about the process and how I can do it differently. It keeps me hungry. I don’t know shit, compared to where I want to go. But that keeps me hungry. Everyday I wake up I’m excited to work with new colors and combos.




Skeleton Bay only lights up a few times each year, so when it does it sends surfers around the world into a flight-booking frenzy. This year, the season started with a bang—two days of cartoonish-looking pits exploded for miles down Africa’s freakish sand point, documented it in-depth.

While it’s been relatively quiet since, there have been a couple of notable swells, most recently the one you’ll see above in Matt Bromley’s recent Vlog episode. While this swell is a little smaller, and a lingering fog bank makes it appear less appealing on film, Bromley’s session was filled with plenty of ruler-edged left tube perfection, capped off by 4-time kite surfing world champion Keahi Aboitiz towing him into a wave with a kite. As you’ll see, by whipping into the wave early, Bromley takes off deeper and with more speed than normal (Jet Skis aren’t allowed at Skeleton Bay), allowing him to perfectly backdoor the first heavy section, and get tubed twice more. Just another day at the world’s best sandbar.




Sure, the terms “best ever” and “as good as it gets” are thrown around loosely on the east coast during hurricane season. In this case, well, the hyperboles might be warranted.

Last week, for two days straight, legit 6- to 8-foot A-frame teepees broke and spit all along the coast of Long Island. Beachbreaks on the east coast are finicky, and it’s rare for them to fire for more than a few hours, much less two full days. So rare, a swell like this hasn’t happened in at least a decade.

 Ben Gravy, YouTube vlogger extraordinaire, was on hand to document the day(s) in this 17-minute piece, in which he gets barreled off his head alongside Stack, Dunphy, Sam Hammer, Mike Gleason and more lucky souls that happened to be on hand. 

How Long Would You Sit Above the Arctic Circle Waiting for Waves? | Scenes From Coldwater Journal


 Right before Christmas last year, we teamed up with intrepid filmmaker Ben Weiland to create a documentary highlighting Weiland's lifelong passion of chasing waves to places few would ever want to look. The 45-minute film, called “Coldwater Journal,” tells the story of a decade-long journey with fellow fringe-wave connoisseurs to some of the most inhospitable surf zones in the world. Over the next few months, we'll show you some highlights from "Coldwater Journal," starting with an arctic mission with Dane Gudauskas, Keith Malloy and Pat Millen, who went way off the beaten path in one of the most extreme climates imaginable. To read more about "Coldwater Journal," click here for an interview with Weiland. 












Why, when and how do sharks attack surfers. 

Sharks are at the top of the food chain. The ocean predators follow their instincts. The good news is that humans are not on their diet list. However, like us, they make mistakes, too.

Swimmers and surfers are not sharks' favorite meal. They prefer sea lions, sea turtles, fish, whales, and seals.

The majority of shark attacks occur near the shore, in the surf zone and sandbars, because their natural preys live in these areas. But attacks also take place in steep underwater drop-offs, where divers often swim.

Sharks have to make quick decisions to capture food and, sometimes, the predator misinterprets humans for its natural food item.

When that happens, sharks put their teeth to work and generate 40,000-pound of pressure per square inch that crush flesh and bones in the split of a second.

Worlds Number 1 surf reports , news and Weather updates



About MSW

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MSW isn't about telling you where to go or when, instead providing you with the tools to become your own surf forecasting expert. With a little of your time and the help we provide you can accurately make the call wherever you choose to surf.

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Our network of live human reporters update in real time, our forecasts update four times a day, and a decade of tweaking and tuning our data makes MSW both timely and accurate.

Trusted by contest directors from: Rip Curl, Quiksilver, Billabong, O'Neill, Roxy, Swatch and more for competitions ranging from showcase big wave events with long waiting periods, to hour-by-hour decisions for the ASP World Tour. Our data is used to plan for some of surfing's largest and most popular events.

Exactly the same tools used to make the call for the world's top surfers are available for free, right here and now for you.

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